The Mansion

The Restaurant
The Mansion serves only fresh food made from scratch every day. You will never eat an appetizer, entrée or dessert made outside our kitchen which is proudly managed by Chef Timmy. Our Florida inspired cuisine offers something for everyone in your party, no matter how fussy, young or old they may be.
The Cellars
GET LOST IN OUR CELLARS! You may get distracted by the stained glass, oak woodwork, and pine floors, but don’t forget to shop the great selection of competitively priced micro brews from around the world, domestic and international wines and liquors galore!
The Deli
A GREAT PLACE TO GRAB AND GO So, you’re a little short on time, or maybe you just want grab some food and eat at home. Stop by our Deli or call ahead to take out anything on our menu.

Upcoming Tastings:

The ‘Whiskey Affair’ at The Mansion
The world of whiskey is ever expanding, with new expressions, distilleries, and brands starting every month. The U.S., Scotland, Ireland, and Canada account for the lion's share of bottles. However, Japan has brought us a whole new category of whiskey. There are  entries from India, Taiwan, England, Sweden, France, and more. In the U.S., Kentucky claims the heritage of American Whiskey, but there are new and exciting distilleries around the country. All the more reason to join us for our tour around the world of whiskey. We will enjoy more than forty different styles and types of whiskey. Some will delight your pallet and others with challenge your thinking about the category's expansion.

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