The Mansion

The Restaurant
The Mansion serves only fresh food made from scratch every day. You will never eat an appetizer, entrée or dessert made outside our kitchen which is proudly managed by Chef Timmy. Our Florida inspired cuisine offers something for everyone in your party, no matter how fussy, young or old they may be.
The Cellars
GET LOST IN OUR CELLARS! You may get distracted by the stained glass, oak woodwork, and pine floors, but don’t forget to shop the great selection of competitively priced micro brews from around the world, domestic and international wines and liquors galore!
Grab and Go
So, you’re a little short on time, or maybe you just want grab some food and eat at home. Stop by our hostess desk or call ahead to take out anything on our menu. If you have a sweet tooth, don’t miss the desserts tiramisu, cheesecake, key-lime pie and more – all made in-house and delicious!

Upcoming Tastings:

Let Friday BeGIN!
Gin is one of Jim’s favorite spirits and many of our guests at the Mansion have developed a new appreciation for gin since it’s evolvement from a harsh medicinal taste to a beautiful fragrant, smooth, sipping spirit. Come join Jim as he shares some of his favorites, and talks about his visit to a gin distillery in Scotland, where he learned about the Gin Craze in the 18th century when the government allowed unlicensed gin production!
Tour of the Scottish Highlands
Now that Jim has visited the Highlands of Scotland he has a new appreciation for Scotch and the amazing people who dedicate their lives to making this delicious spirit from the barley they grow and the water that flows through their countryside. Come taste scotch from several of the distilleries Jim toured and learn about the fine art of scotch production in the gorgeous Scottish highlands.
Shipwreck Rum, Aye Matey?
Ahoy all rum lovers!  All hands ahoy as we taste Brinley Gold Shipwreck Rums from the beautiful island of St. Kitts.  Since 1986 the Brinley family has been making smooth flavored rums for us to sip or use in our favorite cocktail.  Shipwreck Spiced and all the other flavored rums continue to convert non-rum drinkers into fans.  And here is some awesome news! Zach Brinley, the owner of Shipwreck, who left his job on Wall Street to run the company, will be here in the Cellars to conduct the tasting.
Sipping Tequila Time
Why go to Mexico when you can sip some of Mexico’s best tequila here at the Cellars. Explore the difference between Blanco, Resposado, Anejo, and XO tequila. Bring your sombrero and those tequila stories!
Chappellet Vineyards
Chappellet makes wines from both Pritchard Hills and Sonoma Valleys. The winery started in 1967 on Pritchard Hill during the summer of love when they purchased 50 acres and today the vineyards span more than 3000 acres. In 2012 Chappellet earned its organic certification. They make 3 cabernets, cuvee, merlot ,chardonnay , cab franc, 4 pinot noirs and a viognier. Join us as we taste some of their award winning wines.

The Mansion's
Wine, Beer and Spirits

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