The Mansion

The Restaurant
The Mansion serves only fresh food made from scratch every day. You will never eat an appetizer, entrée or dessert made outside our kitchen which is proudly managed by Chef Timmy. Our Florida inspired cuisine offers something for everyone in your party, no matter how fussy, young or old they may be.
The Cellars
GET LOST IN OUR CELLARS! You may get distracted by the stained glass, oak woodwork, and pine floors, but don’t forget to shop the great selection of competitively priced micro brews from around the world, domestic and international wines and liquors galore!
The Deli
A GREAT PLACE TO GRAB AND GO So, you’re a little short on time, or maybe you just want grab some food and eat at home. Stop by our Deli or call ahead to take out anything on our menu.

Upcoming Tastings:

MaCallan and Highland Park
Come and enjoy the flavors of two great scotch producers, Macallan and Highland Park. Macallan is well known and highlighted for using oak barrels seasoned with Oloroso sherry, adding richness to its single malt whiskeys. Highland Park has been making scotch for over 220 years on an island in the far north of Scotland. The distillers also use Oloroso sherry oak barrels and due to the cool, all year long climate on the island, their products mature perfectly. Don't miss this opportunity to taste and compare some of these great scotches.
Lord Hobo Beer on the Terrace
Come to the Mansion for dinner and enjoy the opportunity to taste some of Lord Hobo’s beers. Complimentary, on the terrace.
Thanksgiving at the Mansion
Join us at the Mansion for Thanksgiving! MENU:
This Old Scotch
You asked for it, we are providing it. This is your opportunity to taste some of the oldest and most respective scotch in the world. Come and taste rare and aged single malt scotch whiskey - 17, 18, 21, 26 and 30 year old from William Grant.
Wine Extravaganza
As a follow-up to the Food and Wine Festival we will be tasting some of the wines from that evening as well as some of the Mansion’s favorites including reds, whites, bubbles, sweets and more!
Louis XIII
Come taste Louis XIII and the entire line of Remy’s cognacs.
Ken Wright Wines
The representative from Ken Wright will be here to lead you through the wines. Join us to explore one of the most forward thinking wine vintners in the world, showcasing the inherent qualities of selected vineyard sites. He has won numerous awards and accolades for his excellent Pinot Noirs.
Come celebrate the champagne season, a tradition since 1789 in the royal courts of Europe. Bubbles expert, Champagne Wayne will be here to lead you through some amazing bubbles.

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