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Beam Me UP – Whiskey Tasting

Since 1795 Jim Beam has been distilling spirits and is one of the most popular names in the whiskey world. We have been picking through the choices they offer as a distillery and we have found some great choices for a tasting. We chose to start with Bookers Bourbon… four times a year they release a different batch of Booker’s making it a popular choice among whiskey drinkers worldwide. Booker Noe started this tradition in 1999 and it continues on today with his son, Freddie Noe. Our next choice comes from the Knob Creek also made today by Freddie Noe. When Knob Creek was first released the mission was to restore whiskey to the way it was meant to be – patiently aged and full flavored. Thus, we have chosen Knob Creek 12 Year release for this tasting. You don’t want to miss the opportunity to taste this full flavored bourbon. Our next choice is Baker’s Bourbon 7 Year old single barrel. Each barrel is different which makes this an amazing experience in every bottle. These barrels are aged on four different campuses on the Jim Beam property which makes it unique. Our last selection is from Basil Hayden. This is a simple whiskey created by Booker Noe who loved all things whiskey, but most of all he loved the way it tasted. Basil Hayden was created the way he loved it, spicy yet smooth, both rich and sweet. We’ll toast to that, as we enjoy the 10 year version of this whiskey. This promises to a great selection of aged whiskey created by one the greatest distillers to bless the rickhouses of Kentucky. Join us Saturday afternoon at 2pm to raise a glass of whiskey and toast all that is Booker & Freddie Noe. There will be no refunds due to limited seating.

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Sat, May 18, 2024


2:00 pm - 3:30 pm




The Cellars
The Cellars
1218 E New Haven Ave
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