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Is Rum the New Whiskey?

There are rumors that seasoned whiskey drinkers are switching to rum, or at least adding rum to their list of preferred spirits. Rum marketers have been predicting a rise in popularity in this category for years. Why? The reason of scarcity in the bourbon world is the simple explanation. But, I believe it is the shift in flavor profiles that rum offers. In contrast to whiskey, rum offers more varieties, flavors, different production methods, bottle diversity, and global production influencing the finished juice. Not to mention,  rum is generally aged in reused bourbon casks. Thus, we are going to take a step back and compare the breadth of flavor profiles in the world of rum. We will explore the island influences  along with the type of stills used in distilling this amazing spirit. It promises to be a great exploration into the world of rum. Join us in the Cellars to discover if rum really is the new whiskey. There will be no refunds due to limited seating.

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Fri, May 26, 2023


6:30 pm - 8:00 pm




The Cellars
The Cellars
1218 E New Haven Ave
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