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Pommery Champagne Tasting in the Cellars

Let’s raise our glasses to the exquisite world of Pommery Champagne. 🥂

Pommery & Greno, founded in 1858, has a rich history steeped in elegance and innovation. When Madame Pommery took over after her husband’s passing, she set out to create wines that would redefine quality. Here are some highlights from the legacy of Pommery:

Quality Above All:

Madame Pommery’s commitment to quality was unwavering. She understood that the origin of grapes played a crucial role in wine excellence. Over the years, she meticulously acquired some of the finest vineyards in Champagne, ensuring the highest standards for her wines.

The Cellars of Reims:

In July 1868, Madame Pommery embarked on what she called the “construction of the century.” She transformed the craveres chalkpits in Reims into remarkable cellars. These cellars became the heart of Pommery, where time and craftsmanship worked together to create exceptional champagnes.

Breaking Tradition:

Ahead of her time, Madame Pommery introduced Pommery Nature in 1874. It was the first brut champagne to achieve commercial success.By departing from the tradition of very sweet wine, she paved the way for a new era of champagne appreciation.

Her Imprint on Pommery:

As a woman in a male-dominated industry, Madame Pommery left her mark on her champagnes. The purity and finesse of Pommery wines continue to reflect her legacy.

Joining us for the tasing is Sarah Trnant from Pommery Chamgane. Sarah will lead us through the history of the vineyard as well as the excellent selections from their current portfolio of Champagnes. This promises to be informative and a delight to the palate. We will enjoy the following Pommery Champagnes together:

  • Pommery Brut Apanage: A classic choice, this brut champagne balances freshness and complexity. Its effervescence dances on the palate, revealing crisp apple notes and hints of citrus.
  • Pommery Rose Royal: For those who appreciate elegance, the Rose Royal offers floral undertones and a delightful pink hue. Perfect for celebrating special moments.
  • Pommery Grand Cru Royal 2008 Vintage: Vintage champagnes tell a story of their own. The 2008 Grand Cru Royal embodies sophistication and depth.
  • Pommery Brut Champagne Blanc de Blancs: Blanc de Blancs champagnes are crafted exclusively from Chardonnay grapes. Expect finesse, minerality, and a refined finish.

So, let’s clink our glasses and savor the artistry of Pommery Champagnes! We will enjoy bites prepared by our Chef. There will be no refunds to this tasting due to limited seating.


Thu, May 16, 2024


6:30 pm - 8:00 pm




The Cellars
The Cellars
1218 E New Haven Ave
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