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Taking a Sip of Tennessee Whiskey

A recent article in Whisky Advocate caught my eye while skimming through some info on bourbon… ‘12 Terrific Tennessee Whiskeys to Try Right Now’. Since we carry most of them in the Cellars, I thought we should try them. What peaked my interest is what has changed with Tennessee whiskey and the most prevalent is how many more there are now than just a few years ago. Jack Daniels and Dickel get all the press, but there are some unique and delicious options from the state of Tennessee. So, we have rounded up what think offers a great tasting from this great state. We will taste some young, some old, and some finished choices that are sure to treat your palate. Join us in the Cellars, Friday, September 2nd at 6:30 pm, as we at Take a Sip of Tennessee Whiskey. There will be no refunds to this tasting due to limited seating.


Fri, Sep 02, 2022


6:30 pm - 8:00 pm




The Cellars
The Cellars
1218 E New Haven Ave


The Mansion
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